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Encourage your family and friends to go the healthy route

Exercise, the only person that can do it for you is you! And whilst that is so true, it is also so very important to realise that while you're doing it, you are inspiring others. Why am I mentioning this? Simply because the fitness and wellness movement/lifestyle is that of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for everyone to live a healthier lifestyle. As a community we thrive better when everyone is their best self.

As a family you'll thrive better when you're all at your best. As a circle of friends you'll thrive better when you're all doing what's best for a healthier more mobile lifestyle. That's fact! I recently did a self check of my family and friends circle. I live my entire life out loud, they all watch my active lifestyle and yet I've found it important to talk with these personal circles about their health. If you haven't recently received that call from me, your friend, it's coming. Why hold the knowledge and skills to motivate to myself when I can share it, right? That was my charge. So, what's my point? My point is that even your little circle of family and friends can be challenged to live healthier by your own encouraging words. Check your circle. Anyone you know could use a pep talk, an encouraging word to put down the soda and pick up the skipping rope? If so, I challenge you to have that talk, help them walk down a healthier path. You've been active, consumed so many healthy meals, while persons close to you decide otherwise? I'm not saying it's our job, but I'm saying it's our job. Lol. Yes, we're all adults and make our own decisions, but a conversation of concern and encouragement goes a long way. Will you take on the challenge? I know I will! Happy Wednesday guys! Let's together push for a healthier community, one family and friend circle at a time!


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