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Athletics over Aesthetics

About two weeks ago, my fellow fitness enthusiast shared with you all her experience after running an amazing 5k. She (Betty) mentioned a gentleman commenting on her “weight” and that if “she lost more” she’d be unstoppable. Talk about deflating someone’s balloon, right?

She elaborated on a few key points we should remember when “commenting” on someone during their personal fitness journey. It was an amazing piece.

Many times my clients have mentioned someone commenting on their weight, fitness goals or someone who always seems to be the “professional” on losing weight or running a course. Sometimes it’s as innocent as “you should run like this…” or as brutal as “You are too big to be running”, opposite to weight loss they’ve received the comments “don’t lose too much’, “Are you sick, you’re losing weight” – HOLD UP – WAIT A MINUTE – STOP! We should be cognizant of our words, our comments, our questions. Many people are on a fitness and wellness journey, whether weight loss or gain and it isn’t up to anyone else to comment their opinions – NOT YOUR BODY!

Now that I’ve addressed that – again – thanks Betty for discussing, I want to simply remind you that being functionally fit and athletic is by far better/healthier than being solely aesthetically pleasing. Note, I said solely aesthetically pleasing. Sure it’s awesome having the round butt, muscular arms and to die for legs, but if that is achieved at the expense of your health – lacking nutrients, water, balanced diet; limiting calorie intake to a dangerous level; no rest – just to achieve 5% body fat and the magazine cover (though photo-shopped), unrealistic look then I’d strongly advise against it.

We are here to live happy, healthy well balanced lives, no matter what that may look like. So going back to my third paragraph about commenting on someone’s journey, remember, size does not directly correlate health. Though less body fat can be seen as healthier, it is not always true. More so, less body fat, aesthetically pleasing bodies doesn’t directly correlate with healthy either.

If we just focus on being healthy, functional, balanced and well rounded, in time our bodies will respond and may result in an athletic, aesthetically pleasing body. Stress less about the perfect look. Whilst this is clearly my opinion, I’m 100% sure that most of us wish to be healthy first. Yes? So let’s focus on being healthy first and in doing so reap the benefits of such nutrition and training.

Speak positivity to others, comment less with your opinions and simply enjoy your own fitness and wellness journey – be inspired by others as well!

Healthy, fit, athletic looks different on every body.

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