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Workout your life just as well as your body

Mind, body and soul

They say athletes, or those deeply into fitness, develop a healthy philosophy about achievement and an ability to tolerate setbacks when they occur.

Every so often I share my story, my thoughts, my insight into this fitness and wellness lifestyle that I lead. I share extensively in the hope of motivating and inspiring people to live a healthier, well-balanced life.

Achieving that involves more than a simple workout; more than simply eating healthily.

In living a balanced life, you are loving yourself, making time for yourself. It allows you to ingrain an amazing work ethic — to build confidence, self-assurance and mental strength so that when you do plateau, when you do miss a session, when you have an off period, you know how to bounce back. You don’t throw the whole week away, negate your progress and/or ignore your recent successes.

I say all of this to say, we go through life with so much of the same thing. You will hit speed bumps as you work towards your life dreams; you most definitely will get smacked down, trip, hit a wall. However, just as you’ve taught yourself to push through sets, just as you’ve given yourself pep talks and discovered new strength within, so you can do as you face hurdles in your life. This same tactic can be applied. Be open to change, to setbacks, and learn something about yourself. I promise you will discover such greatness within that it cannot be tamed.

So, while I encourage you to live healthier, well-balanced lives, be kind to yourself in the process. Enjoy discovering the greatness within.

Apply the same dedication, time management and mental strength to life. When projects don’t seem to be going smoothly, when your dreams seem to be slipping away, when life throws you the lemons — make that lemonade. As a matter of fact, slice them up and garnish a margarita. After all, it is about balance, right?

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