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For de kulcha: fitness and community together

As a fitness enthusiast and personal trainer who believes in the mantra "consistency is key," like many of you, I’ve spent the year dedicated to healthy eating and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. However, when Bermuda Day rolls around, the unofficial start to a Bermuda summer, it’s a time to embrace both tradition and personal wellness without stress or guilt.

Have a read of what's in store for me and be encouraged to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Bermuda Day, is on Friday and the excitement is in the air. The runners are on their last days of preparation, the parade participants are buzzing around to hair appointments, final fittings, in anticipation of an amazing performance on Friday.

Our holiday is steeped in heritage, community spirit, and outdoor fun, bringing everyone together.

First up is the half-marathon derby, a longstanding tradition that showcases the island’s top runners and enthusiastic amateurs (like myself).

Whilst I'm not running the entire route, whew chile - 13 miles?, the relay section allows me to get in physical activity and enjoy the energetic cheering from spectators.

The energy and camaraderie among the other participants and spectators are infectious, setting a positive tone for the day.

Still on a high from the race, I'll be showering and heading to enjoy the Bermuda Day Parade. Floats, dance troupes, and Gombey Dancers? Yes, please!

The streets will be filled with colour and rhythm. The parade is not just a visual spectacle but a celebration of Bermuda’s rich cultural tapestry.

To me, it’s a reminder that physical wellness extends beyond the gym – it’s about engaging with your community, moving joyfully, and appreciating the world around you.

In my chunky heels and Bermuda Day fit, you are sure to spot me dancing on sidelines, twins in tow, enjoying every bit, every routine, every drum beat that the parade will offer. Didn't I say “moving joyfully”?

Now when it comes to food, Bermuda Day offers a culinary journey through the island’s traditional flavours, especially if you're spot has veteran cooks.

Yes, it’s a holiday, and yes, there’s plenty of indulgent fare. But there’s no need to stress.

For every decadent dish, there are also options that align with a healthy lifestyle.

Grilled fish, fresh salads, and locally grown vegetables are as much a part of the festivities as the more indulgent Mr Chicken or your mama’s Mac and cheese and potato salad to be enjoyed under the EZ Up.

It’s all about balance and enjoying a bit of everything in moderation, remembering that this isn't a hindrance to your journey, but simply a part of it.

As someone committed to health and fitness, I find that Bermuda Day is not a disruption, but an enhancement of my lifestyle.

It’s a reminder that wellness includes not just physical health but also mental and emotional wellbeing.

Enjoying good food, connecting with the community, and celebrating cultural heritage all contribute to a holistic sense of health.

So, join me in embracing Bermuda Day with open arms and an open heart. Enjoy the parade, savour the food, and move with joy.

Remember, Monday is coming, and with it, a return to routine. This holiday is a brief, delightful pause – a chance to celebrate all the facets of a healthy, balanced life. And come Monday, we’ll be back to our consistent habits, rejuvenated and inspired by the vibrant spirit of Bermuda.

Happy Wednesday fitfam.

As usual, remain unapologetic about your entire fitness and wellness journey, stay true to yourself and always be honest with your efforts.

Happy Bermuda Day!


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