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You are a mother, a gem, a conqueror!

‘How can you ever say anything negative about your body after you have felt the dancing of life from inside your womb?” — Amethyst Joy For years I’ve trained mothers eager to get their “pre-baby” body back, eager to shed the baby fat, eager to feel like themselves again. For years I’ve heard them complain about their baby pooch, their stretch marks, their saggy boobs and other changes that occurred during and after pregnancy. Never having experienced it for myself, for years I did not understand but rather expressed how amazing they were — for bringing a child into the world, experiencing the miracle of birth.

While I still have not given birth (come on, August!), I am experiencing the body transformation of pregnancy. I must admit, in February I was searching pictures, trying to find myself as I did not recognise the chubby face. I was browsing through old workout videos, marvelling in how my body was moving, how lean I was and simply how athletic I was. You see, even we fitness enthusiasts/trainers experience life-changing moments that we must accept. As happy as I am being pregnant, being able to grow life within me, I was still indeed bored of being still. No dead lifts, no hill sprints, no squats, nothing. As the doctor ordered I was to “keep my tail still”. Life as an avid gym goer, chaser of sweat and heavy lifts was on pause until safe delivery of the chocolate babies. What comes with following instructions, though? Of course weight gain because ... duh! That and a body transformation, from six-pack to watermelon belly, sculptured back to soft shoulders, small waist to broad hips; the body’s preparation for growing and delivering healthy babies. The best yet was my ability to recognise that change will occur, marvel in what my body can do (though in a totally different setting) and simply celebrate this miracle, this transformation that is pregnancy. For years, my mothers would complain and point out all the “negative” side-effects of pregnancy and birth. For years, I reminded them that they are queens and participated in what can only be described as a true miracle. For years, I did not understand fully their emotions and whilst I still am in awe of my own bodily changes, I have yet to think anything negative. What’s the take-away from this personal story? It’s simple. Hi, mommas! Remember that you are amazing beings and whilst I know that you yearn for normalcy, for your pre-baby bodies or just simply to feel like the old you, I implore you to recognise what you have done, what your body did. Remember what it felt like to feel your precious gem dance within your womb. Remember what it felt like to meet them for the first time. Remember everything about the transformation and celebrate. Now, remember what it felt like to be active. Remember what it felt like to eat healthy. Put it all together and smile. Chase the feeling, not the body. You may never get that body back, but why would you want to? That body did not do half as much as the amazing body you have now. Transform into a new you, making that pre-baby body and mindset a thing of the past, your post-baby body and mindset your new body goals. I’m sure you want to transform into a healthier you, well do it, without nitpicking and negatively spewing words of hatred at your new body. Celebrate what you accomplished, work on improving, always remaining positive. Stretch marks, cellulite, saggy boobs are all marks of motherhood, something not all get to experience. Smile in knowing you were chosen, make daily changes to improve on yourself and always, always be kind to yourself. Remember that you are a queen, a gem and a conqueror! You are amazing and your aura should be as much. Live this healthy and fit journey unapologetically, without hesitation that you can achieve anything. Remember that as a mother you already are a beautiful beast and in everything you do, it’s never ever chasing the old self, but rather improving on your new self. Be happy, mommas — celebrate always! 

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