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What you build in the gym can help in all aspects of your life

We lift and train not to brag about the weight we can lift or the height we can jump. It isn’t about what happens in the gym but rather what positive characteristics are being built. All of our hard work translates perfectly to life outside of the gym. Every day you show up, no matter what, pushing yourself to be better. Every day you follow a routine and eat according to your goals, resisting the urge to binge, creating a balance. Every day, whether motivated or not, you practice consistency and dedication. Every day. It takes a special person to commit to daily routines, to put in effort and acknowledge the time required to reach specific goals without instant gratification. In remaining so dedicated to your health and fitness, you’re developing a healthy philosophy about achievement which translates well into your everyday life. This is why we lift and train. Not because we want to discuss our gains over coffee, but because life is unpredictable and requires a certain level of patience and commitment – attributes that can be developed in the gym. The next time someone compliments your patience, let them know: “Thanks, I work out.” The next time work seems to be too much practise the same mental grit and dedication you have in the gym, and push on through. The next time someone asks you why you are so committed to the gym, let them know: you’re building character. As always, remain honest with all of your efforts and unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey.

Happy Wednesday fitfam!


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