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Maintain that healthy lifestyle - it never goes out of style

Here we are 18 months after being told to shelter in place, back into “freedom”. Not to be a downer nor have us talking about Covid-19, as if it’s all we have going for us, but it’s here to stay, for awhile, I’m sure. We have to continue pressing forward, navigating what is still a stressful time for us all. Week to week regulations change, our emotional reaction changes, our minds continue to be worried.

All of this being said, it is still ever so important to maintain positive thoughts, and an active lifestyle. I can not stress it enough that an active body and a clear mind will improve your everyday livelihood as you continue to thrive in this ever changing world. Remember last year I recommended daily walks, 30 minute workouts, beginning your day with quiet time? Did you forget these daily activities as the world opened back up and are now struggling again with your fitness and wellness? As we continue to “open” up and life gets busier, ensure that you are still prioritising your health, fitness and wellness. I promise you, your body will thank you. Before I leave you, just take these few tips with you to assist you. Wake up one hour earlier to either have your quiet time, workout or prep a healthy breakfast Turn off social media notifications for a day to help still your mind and ease the social pressure from filtered “perfect” lives Continue to have that venting buddy or circle of trusted friends (promising Covid free conversation. I promise it’s so healthy) Go a day without wearing a mask, remaining outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and Bermuda beauty as a friendly reminder of the good old days. It feels amazing! Most importantly, surround yourself with only positivity, with individuals who uplift you always, hold you accountable, keep it real, push you to be better and love your authentic self. Maintaining number five will have a ripple effect in making points one to four, that much easier to do and maintain. This lifestyle of health, fitness and wellness surpasses aesthetic goals, and this is one thing the past 18 months has taught me (I hope you too). I challenge you to maintain a well rounded, healthy life being conscious of what you allow in your life. Everything has an impact, and with all that we have to deal with nowadays, take charge of that. Happy Wednesday fitfam. Continue to be unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey, honest with your efforts and true to yourself.


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