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Life after lockdown

Remember how we were mandated into shelter-in-place, into lockdown and curfew?

Remember how gyms closed and we wanted to write off 2020?

Remember how you found a new norm, worked out at home, joined Zoom classes and promised to remain active?

Remember challenging yourself to enter into Phase 4 fitter, regardless of the environment? Remember how you promised yourself more family time, to read more? Did you accomplish your goal(s)?

Phase 4 is here!

Personally, in the beginning of lockdown, it felt weird to work out onl

Eventually at home., after a pep talk, I switched gears and refused to be defeated.

I then used that same energy to encourage my clients to challenge themselves as well.

We ended that eight-week challenge on June 26 and I’m proud to say that most, if not all, are entering Phase 4 many pounds lighter, leaner and — most importantly — fitter.

See, it doesn’t matter the environment you are “forced” to train in but rather your mindset.

It’s so important to be able to thrive in any environment, even if it takes you some time to adjust. I’m a proud trainer!

So now what? Phase 4. Gyms reopen. Covid is still here though...

While we remain aware of that fact, we can now lift some heavier equipment.

Of course, remain sanitary, still practice social-distancing — be hygienic!

That being said, it’s also important to note that you have to pace yourself.

While you are fitter, you most definitely have lost some strength. In March you might have been able to squat 200lbs for 15 reps.

Having not lifted such weight in more than three months, use common. Approach each exercise and weight with wisdom.

Respect the weight room. Acknowledge what you’ve accomplished at home and use that new level of fitness to challenge yourself in the gym while remaining injury free.

At-home workouts — which primarily use body weight are very successful in improving your cardio and muscular endurance — do not do quite so well at improving or building muscle.

Remember that, be wise and enjoy returning to the gym.

I’m excited that I can now see my clients in person; I’m sure they too are excited to step away from Zoom.

While we’ve had quite a successful three months of Zoom training, lost quite a bit of weight, downsized inches and improved on our fitness, there’s something more personal about training in person.

That being said, enter Phase 4. Our new norm. I hope you too were successful in your other lockdown goals and will aim to continue these new habits.

Continue to put your family first, read more, put aside time for self-care and remember that your mind is a powerful tool. Regardless of the environment, you can be successful.

I hope that having now entered Phase 4, you can look back on this experience and pull something positive from it and use it to propel you forward.

Phase 4. Enter. Remain true to your journey and honest with your efforts.


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