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How hard are you willing to work?

It’s not about how bad you want to reach your goal but how hard you are willing to work for it.

Everybody is busy – with family obligations, with work. The notion of being busy is not unique to you nor can it for ever be an excuse for not putting into action what is required to reach your goal.

To reach goals, to become successful at anything, requires time management, sacrifice, consistency and hard work.

Happy Wednesday, fitfam. Let’s talk.

So often I ask future and present clients about their goals and with their response is a certain fire in their eyes. To me, it signifies just how bad they want to reach their goals. To which I respond: “But how hard are you willing to work?”

We go on talking, discussing what changes need to be made and what their schedule would look like inclusive of work obligations, family, sleep, etc.

It then becomes real. And as humans do, they shy away and present excuses as to why such a schedule just won’t work; how they’re simply too busy and it seems like more hard work. I get it.

The question still remains: how hard are you willing to work to reach your goals?

Can you fathom waking up two hours earlier to complete your mileage, with the goal of running the Bermuda Half-Marathon Derby? Are you willing to put aside a day per week to meal prep, with the goal of saving money and being more consistent with your eating? Are you willing to go to a psychologist to begin a journey of mental clarity and improvement knowing that your mental health is important?

These are just examples of the work necessary and the actions to be taken to reach specific goals; goals that go beyond the paper, the vision board, the WhatsApp chat.

Goals without plans are just wishes. But plans without action? Well, that’s simply pointless. They may be beautifully written words on paper, articulated in a way to make you feel good when you read them. However, they are empty. Without action, that beautiful goal, that plan is nothing.

On this Wednesday, I encourage you to move beyond the paper. Start making decisions that get you closer to your goals. Act!

Wake up earlier. Do the workout. Write down the grocery list. Buy the healthier options and prep.

Journal, write down your thoughts. Get the professional assistance you may need.

Don’t just have a goal.

Don’t just make a plan.


Happy Wednesday fitfam! As usual, remain unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey, stay true to yourself and always remain honest with your efforts.


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