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Don't wait on the Christmas weight

Recently, a client mentioned how they had done so well in 2020 – losing weight and remaining active through these uncertain times – but they were now entering December with irritation as they feared gaining weight.

“We've done so well this entire year only to mess up now?" No sir! You'll push through December just as you manoeuvred from March on through November – remaining active, honest with your efforts and balancing healthy eats and yummy treats. How? By not overindulging, accepting that these yummy treats aren't limited edition and will be there another time, committing to your training sessions, drinking your water, doing everything you've successfully done all year. The reason many fear December is because they've spent all year remaining fit and healthy and now have family gatherings, social events, Christmas parties, drinks and food ahead. It isn't anything to fear though. The weight may come, but in such a short time understand that it isn't the gaining of fat but rather lots of water retention. The fear is just lack of understanding and assuming any change in scale number (ugh!) or bigger measurement is a permanent thing or indication of failure. However, if you remain active and eat well the majority of the time and if you stick to your decision to not overindulge, you can still enjoy yourself. Stop equating your happiness and enjoyment at functions to the number of pieces of cake you consume, instead on the experience of enjoying family; I believe December is still a great month to look forward to. Yes, food is life! Yes, alcohol can be enjoyed! Yes, December is full of activity. No, it doesn't mean you'll undo all your year’s work. Do not forget how far you've come, nor how committed you are to your goals as you navigate festive December. Remain accountable and honest. Switch up training times to fit your December schedule. If you know happy hours are possible, train in the morning instead of banking on your usual post-work sessions. Spend more time meal prepping so you always have healthy, tasty eats that are easily accessible. It's really that simple. Don't overcomplicate things. End this year with great satisfaction and pride knowing you still achieved greatness during 2020. As usual, remember why you started, remain honest with your efforts and unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey! Happy December fitfam!


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