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Be like cauliflower and tranform

If cauliflower can be anything, you too have endless potential. Funny right? But it’s true. Cauliflower has become pizza crust, rice, Buffalo wings … indeed it is more than a bland vegetable to so many people. Do I like the substitutes? Nope lol, but that’s not the point. My point is that under the right circumstances, given the right ingredients, with the same determination, you too can transform. Let’s keep the topic on your fitness and wellness journey. Instead of saying “Can’t, impossible, no way …” try saying, “I’ll give it a try. If I don’t like it this way, I’ll try another way”. It’s sheer determination, commitment and flexibility to change that happens over weeks, months and years (remember it IS a journey) that results in continuous transformation and a love for remaining fit and well. We have to remember that this journey is not easy. It’s full of ups and downs, great weeks and horrible weeks, indomitable will to succeed and unfortunate hiatuses. It’s a non-linear journey but, once you accept this it eases the stress of “perfection”, allowing you to indeed enjoy and respect every aspect of the journey. Furthermore, and similar to cauliflower, your transformation will look different with every year. Mix these ingredients – fewer calories, more running or some other form of cardio; add high intensity interval training, read more books, turn your phone off by 8pm. Put together they might result in a leaner physique as intended and a well rested mind – which might be the end goal this time around. Be unapologetic about this aspect of your journey. Next year your goal may differ; the ingredients and environment might change resulting in more muscular, bigger legs as a result of frequent, heavier lifting; you might be eating more high quality calories because you want to gain weight; you might also want to throw more social life into the mix, to engage more with family and friends. It is your choice for this particular segment of your life/journey. It is what it is. So, yes, while it varies, the journey of fitness and wellness has many different paths, resulting in varying physiques and mentalities according to what you want it to look like – at this particular point. This is perfectly fine. It’s still YOUR journey. You are still you no matter what. Make no apologies for which path you take, when you take it, how you take it. Be like cauliflower, transform in whatever way you want and stand firm! Be the pizza crust, sis! If next year you want to be Buffalo wings, get the right ingredients and get to work.


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