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A partner makes the fitness journey that much sweeter

Workout partners are so important to have on this fitness and wellness journey. They keep you honest, remind you of your goals, encourage you, motivate you, notice your progress, call you out when slacking – especially if you have the right one. Plus, it makes the journey that much sweeter. I’m completely sure we’ve discussed this before but repetition of such a topic is a good thing. The truth is that this journey can be lonely, especially if your immediate circle doesn’t understand the healthy journey that you are on. It’s no joke when your immediate circle is downing alcohol every night or indulging in taco Tuesday every day, with none of them making an effort to make small changes or adding physical activity to their lives. It’s exhausting knowing that you are alone on this healthy journey. Yes, we workout for ourselves, to better ourselves, not for anyone else, but how much sweeter would it be to have a fitfam, a circle of like-minded individuals who push you to stick to your journey, stay honest with your efforts, eat better every day, live better in every way? This in itself proves to have a better success rate than doing it alone. So, yes, whilst this is your journey, I encourage you to get yourself a fitfam so that you can always have someone to lean on when it gets tough, someone who understands and respects the journey that you are on who will always have your back. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together! Happy Wednesday fitfam! Continue to be honest with your efforts and true to yourself, remaining unapologetic about how you choose to live your fitness and wellness journey.


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