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8 Week Absbydre - BEGINNERS & Adv Edition

We can help you transform your mind and body with beginner-friendly structured workouts.

We have easy to follow nutritional guidelines and challenges to fast track your transformation.

Let us give you that accountability and motivation to keep going. You show up we will take care of the rest,

Start date:

⭐Monday, March 21


⭐Mondays, Wednesdays, at 5:30 pm Saturdays at 8 am

In-Person and Online

⭐24 In-person and

⭐24 Online Video Workout Classes


⭐Berkeley Cultural Institute, Pembroke

What are you Getting?

💙24 In-person classes

💙24 Pre-recorded Video Workout Classes

💙Yoga/Mobility Sessions

⭐DYNAMIC warm-ups, CORE strengthening, In/Outdoor, LIFTING & ENDURANCE training, and YOGA

⭐ACCESS TO HINDSSIGHT FITNESS & WELLNESS (and all amenities; water, towels, shower, etc)



⭐3 WEEKLY TRAINING SESSIONS (HIIT/circuit/resistance training)

⭐3 Pre-recorded Streamable Video Workouts (HIIT/circuit/resistance training)


Interested in bettering yourself this 2022?

Email for further information or signup at


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