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4 Boxing Classes - JustBoxLimited

● Rebuild The Mind

● Forge The Body

● Master The Soul

Janos will take you through a 4-week intensive program with an emphasis on fundamental boxing techniques and full-body conditioning


⭐April 22


⭐Friday at 6:00 pm


⭐An Experienced, Registered Boxing Coach💙 Reference

⭐Introduction to the fundamental techniques of Boxing💙

⭐Cardio and Circuit Training💙

⭐Bag Work and Pad Work💙

⭐Gloves Provided💙


⭐Berkeley Cultural Institute, Pembroke

Interested in bettering yourself this 2022?

The high-intensity training style is accompanied by various drills and movements that not only serve amazingly as a fitness platform but teach real applicable concepts in boxing and in the art of fighting itself.

Proprietary fresh methodology, mixed with good old proven boxing training techniques, have JustBox truly set in a realm of its own.

JustBox comes highly recommended by its outstanding students, who are recognized for excelling quickly. Reference

Get results and get them fast!

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