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Unleash your inner warrior

You are stronger than you think. While you may underestimate your inner warrior, there is someone watching you in awe and amazement.

HindsSight Fitness & Wellness hosted a fitness competition this past weekend, the second annual Bermy Strong Team Games.

It brought together teams from Fit4Life gym, HindsSight Fitness & Wellness and Holistic Fitness. Eighteen athletes dressed and geared up to complete five events over the course of one morning. It was amazing.

I was watching and emceeing in awe — and with a slight bit of jealousy — as each team completed each event, cheering each other on, pushing them beyond their comfort zone, trash talking each other. Again, it was amazing.

Just to give you an idea of the type of day that they had, at 10am, the first team set out on the regiment assault course, pushing themselves through the obstacles to finish with the fastest time — on went team number two and then number three.

All three teams came through the finish line pushing and shouting, sprinting to try to finish with the fastest time. The result: HindsSight, Fit4Life, Holistic.

While HindsSight finished that course the fastest, all three teams knew that with four events left, any team could win.

They continued on to the 240lb sled push. Each team member pushed the sled for 80 metres; the weight increasing until the sled reached its peak of 240lbs, and each person trying to finish in the fastest time.

To watch each athlete grind their feet into the pavement, to hear the constant cheering, the gritting of teeth, the anguish in each scream — it was spectacular.

On came the farmers’ walk relay. An athlete loaded with a start weight of 100lbs walked 40 metres, at which point more weight was added and their team-mate walked back.

This continued until the maximum weight of 240lbs and was indeed a race until the finish. Each team, through pure sweat and determination, pushed — lifting the heavy bars with all of their might trying to finish with the fastest time.

By 12pm, they were gearing up for the last two events: flipping a tyre that weighed — I think — 250lbs as many times as possible, and a gruesome 100lb gurney run down to Chaplin Bay and back, inclusive of 20 burpees.

As you might imagine, it was a day filled with loud cheering, sweaty bodies and lots of trash and motivational talk.

I say all of this because, as an emcee and spectator, it was inspirational watching each athlete push themselves, watching them get uncomfortable.

I witnessed the doubt in their faces, the encouragement of their team-mates, the ever-amazing look of achievement when they completed a heavy lift or pull that they thought impossible. Of course, this was all followed by an exhausted plop to the ground. That was when you knew as a spectator that the athletes were pushing hard!

I watched and smiled as they overcame the challenges, high-fived each other and gave pats on backs and encouraging shouts — again spectacular. I watched, in awe and amazement!

The takeaway from the event? With the right encouragement, we can accomplish anything. With the right preparation and planning we can achieve anything. With the right team, we can complete anything.

The teams were made up of people who have focused on their training. They have worked at getting stronger, at eating well-balanced meals and at being healthier and fitter — all year round. It’s a lifestyle for them.

Because of this commitment, when tasked with these challenges on Saturday, with the right amount of encouragement and adrenalin, they were successful.

My advice to you as a reader is to acknowledge that you are not perfect. Accept your “flaws” and understand that even with them, still you are amazing.

While you may underestimate your strength and ability, there is a team behind you inspired by your movements, inspired by your improvements, inspired by you.

There is always someone watching and you may be surprised to know that they are in complete awe of all you are accomplishing. So keep on going! Keep pushing! Keep on keeping on! You may surprise yourself in the end.

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