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Summertime fine!

June has finally arrived! I may have a slight bias since my birthday is next week, but this is clearly the best month. It marks the beginning of a Bermuda summer: carnival, cruises, raft-ups, barbecues, Cup Match, beach days, swizzle... Oooh, the excitement is real and you can feel the buzz in the air — epicness in store, memories to be made. For some this means showing off all of the hard work put into the winter shred and for others, putting fitness and wellness on the bench. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Have a read of my annual summer reminder, how to “survive” and thrive through the summer months.

It’s not as hard as we make it out to be. In fact, if you follow three simple steps you may even lose weight during this warm, beach and swizzle-filled season Step 1: Decide Choose an accountability partner, someone to work out with and help keep you on track, even if only from June to September. Decide what your weekly workout schedule will be. Raft-up on Sunday? Go for a brisk pedal bike ride at 7am so you make the 11am boat. Friday sunset happy hour? Suck it up and throw some weights around at 6am. You will have to make some tough choices and sacrifices. Decide which barbecues or gatherings you will attend — and when you will pass on the second cup of swizzle or third burger. Find your balance! Step 2: Commit Commit to each other. Do not let each other stray or else you are defeating the purpose of having an accountability partner. Encourage each other, motivate each other and be a positive voice for each other when you are tempted to skip a session or overindulge. Commit to your weekly schedule. You have planned ahead, decided on when you will work out and your partner is ready to go so the old excuse of “I don’t have time” is null and void. You have time because you decided on a time. Commit to it. Commit to your party choice. Do not get stressed. If you end up at a party you did not plan for, be mindful of what you are eating, do not overindulge and remember your holiday goals and you will ... Step 3: Succeed That’s pretty much it. Having made your plans and committed, you have no reason not to be successful. Keep weekly tabs on how successful the two of you were and use this to motivate you the following week. Start a fitness journal if need be. It may seem cruel to lay out guidelines for anyone during the summer months — after all, it is the best time to be in Bermuda and enjoying yourself. However, if you have decided that you’re serious about your goal to maintain your weight and fitness or maybe even successfully lose weight or improve your fitness levels, you need to commit — only then will you be successful. Decide. Commit. Succeed. Happy summer! 

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