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Excuse me as I talk to myself

Don't sleep on low-impact exercise. Every form of movement has its place and should be given the same amount of respect – excuse me as I talk to myself. Lol. For the past 18 months I've been going really hard with exercise and healthy eating because I gave myself a goal for my Baby Phat weight loss and physique goals. Eighteen months was a good time that allowed me to live and enjoy life, food, family and friends while still keeping my goal in sight. That being said, more times than none I was completing heavy lifting and high intensity interval training. Eighteen months later, my body was ready for the break. Whilst I respect my body and take the necessary complete breaks when needed I knew that active rest would serve me much better than complete rest over those coming few weeks. Enter low-impact exercise. Most dynamic exercises, once the plyometric option is removed, are very effective in maintaining fitness levels during a period of active rest. It is easy on the joints, allows for recovery and still allows for increased heart rates and fitness improvement. Most people think a “go hard or go home” option is the only way to maintain or improve fitness, not realising the stress they put on their bodies. After all, exercise is a stressor in itself. Realising this, respecting this will allow you to remain more consistent during your journey without burning out and remaining injury-free. In fact, you might find that during this period of active rest you may even lose that weight and/or improve your fitness levels – cardiovascular in particular. Have you found yourself going hard and feeling depleted? Having sore joints or near injury? Have you taken a step back, assessed your fitness journey and realised you have no periods of complete rest or active rest? Design a few weeks of low-impact exercise, ensuring that you are perfecting your movements, correcting form and focusing on simply moving still. I, myself am enjoying these past two weeks of low-impact exercise as I perform near perfect push-ups and improve flexibility, ending each session still feeling accomplished and my joints happy. Happy Wednesday fitfam! Continue to be unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey and remain honest with your efforts and true to yourself.


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