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Fitness is a continuum not an ultimatum

When it comes to fitness, change is inevitable. How many times have you heard the following: “I am going to start working out again in two months” or, “I am going to lose X amount of weight”.

Or maybe you’re more familiar with this one: “I am going to give this diet, programme or gym another two months to get me fit.”

I want to tell you that those statements are completely fine, but that change is inevitable — and possibly sustainable.

Your weight and fitness will vary regardless of your preferred dietary venture or gym subscription. Please consider your fitness journey as a continuum. Along that continuum are seasons and goals.

Each season comes with its unique challenges and opportunities that affect your ideal fitness goals.

Regardless of your definition of fitness and your fitness goals, you might have to contend with factors that will affect your continuum of fitness such as water retention, dehydration, glycogen storage, restrictive diets, alcohol intake, sodium intake, constipation, injuries, menstrual cycle, medication, hormonal changes, age, rest, excess or inadequate training or illness.

These variables are important to consider and discuss at length during your fitness continuum. Each factor varies in importance depending on your genetic predispositions and whatever good and bad habits you may have developed.

If you have truly wrestled with these factors, and accurately documented and understood how each factor affects your personal fitness goals, then you are equipped to give yourself an ultimatum.

Yes, that’s right. Give yourself an ultimatum with habits that are in alignment with your goals and, as usual, be honest with your efforts.

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