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Relax, eat the fish sandwich!

It’s Cup Match time in Bermuda ... bacchanal! It’s one of my favourite holidays next to my birthday — yes, a holiday — and Christmas. The banter leading up to the game: Somerset (the best) versus St George’s; the Facebook memes, the Photoshopped pictures, the friendly rivalry, the kulcha (culture) ... I love this island home of ours! During this journey of fitness and wellness, some are always looking to the future; the next goal, the destination. Isn’t that the problem, though? When will we realise that it is about the journey, the lifestyle, NOT the destination? If we focus on the end, we often will feel unsatisfied, unaccomplished, always chasing; never acknowledging what has been accomplished or simply enjoying the journey and all its ups, downs, glasses of wine and holidays in between. So, back to it — CUP MATCH! There’s really no greater holiday nor celebration of emancipation in Bermuda. That being said, remember that this journey you are on “allows” for all the goodness of Cup Match — enjoy the entire weekend of festivities! Fish sandwiches (from down the field ’cause they taste so much better), snowballs, swizzle (just not from every camp, if you want to survive LOL), and the sounds of laughter, joy and Bermuda spirit!

Sure, as fitness professionals we always remind our clients and followers to be mindful of their consumption. After all, too much of anything can be “bad”. We know this. You know this. The point is, though, this time of year comes but once and the joy and atmosphere of the kulcha can sometimes be dampened by your attitude towards consumption. This week and all its awesomeness will not damage all of the work you’ve done in the winter months — provided you did do the work — nor does it call for punishing yourself on Monday when it’s all over. Go out there. Instead of overindulging, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the kulcha, enjoy the food. Allow yourself to breathe and let go, for only just a while. On Monday, wake up, do your workout and get back to your normal, well-balanced, kale-infused (maybe) schedule. I hope you get my point — enjoy this weekend! Remember, it’s your lifestyle; continue to be unapologetic about how you choose to live it and always be honest with your efforts.

Eat the fish sandwich! 

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