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My back hurts...

My back hurts…

Ok which part?

My lower back hurts.

Ok get a massage, stretch, rest and work on your posture would be the typical response right?

Well it turns out that if you have chronic back pain(s) a wide array of things can be simultaneously contributing to those aches and pains.

Bad posture, poor ergonomics, improper lifting techniques, musculoskeletal imbalances, scoliosis, lordosis or just a bad bed to name a few.

Your back is complex (understatement). The aesthetic muscles have their important roles but how many times have you heard someone saying “I’m going to work out my erector spinae”?

Those intrinsic muscles often go unnoticed and underappreciated but are essential to maintain your posture.

You might luck out. You probably just need to stretch, change your office chair or get a new mattress. For some it’s not that straight forward. You might have a degenerative spinal condition or maybe one leg is shorter than the next.

Who knows?

Well it turns out that a skilled Chiropractor/GP would know.

Identify which exercise you should focus on and more importantly the exercises that need a temporary hiatus.

So don’t suffer in silence or procrastinate. Learn your body and work on yourself!

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