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Stop feeling bad about indulging

Let’s be real, it’s summer time and we all know that a Bermuda summer is jam-packed with parties, alcohol, barbecues and all-around good vibes.

We just finished celebrating emancipation last weekend, Cup Match.

I’m sure we all enjoyed our Cup Match fish (it tastes so much better during Cup Match right?), chips and swizzle; how many camps did you visit?

Isn’t that the fun in life though, being able to balance your health and wellness with the joys of celebrations?

In fact, health and wellness includes balance. It includes socialising and is so much more than chasing aesthetics, denying yourself the Ashley’s Lemonade or that third cup of swizzle.

If we aim to find the balance that works for us, when holidays arrive we can celebrate without the guilt or shame many may feel after indulging.

The truth is, you shouldn’t feel guilty about a balanced lifestyle that allows for certain indulgences.

Trust that you have created a balance and that tomorrow is an opportunity to jump back into healthier eating, great workouts and taking further care of yourself, mind, body and soul.

The problem doesn’t lie in indulging, it’s when you decide that you’re failing because you ate a certain food or skipped a workout and decide to go off-track completely — two weeks later you’re still not eating well and, you haven’t done any exercise.

Accept that you’re human, that life is meant to be lived and, that during your journey you will, in fact, eat a cupcake or two and enjoy way too much swizzle!

In the end, enjoy your journey, better yourself daily and be honest with your efforts.

It’s your lifestyle, be unapologetic about it!

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