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Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it go

Have you been guilty of skipping your cool down - after workout regime of STRETCHING! Let's talk!

Stretching is probably the most boring thing to do. I know personally after a workout I'd rather redo the workout than stretch for 15 mins.

What happens when you don't stretch though? Nothing much at all...initially. That is until you get stronger, leaner and tighter. You notice touching your toes is becoming a harder task even scratching your back seems difficult. That ISN'T stiffness from your workout. Your new muscles though leaner and stronger are in fact tighter. So many problems can occur now.

For example your hamstrings. Every day is leg day, right? Well, your hamstrings get tighter, so tight that one day you feel a pull on your lower back. You say the weights were too heavy or the deadlifts were supposed to work your back. You ignore it. Continue to be a beast but refuse to stretch before and after each session.

Boom! Your back pulls. What happened? Well your new, strong, tight hamstrings pulled your once neutral pelvis towards them putting strain on your back. Now you're out of commission. Not cool right? Could've been avoided by simply stretching before and after. Stretching simply improves your range of motion (deeper squats in your future), and makes for a stronger, leaner more mobile individual. What's the point of squatting a truck yet not being able to pick up that pen you dropped?

Warm up! Dynamic stretches such as leg swings (forward and side swings), walking toe touches, butt kicks, even inch worms are great dynamic stretches. These are movements from static-action (ie moving whilst stretching) to warm muscles up, readying them for the session ahead.

Cool down! Static stretches such as pigeon, seated toe touch, wide legged toe touch, hurdle stretch are very good stretches to begin with. Relax and allow the tension to leave your body.

Maybe a yoga class - that's less boring

Commit to caring for your body!

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