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Unapologetically Fit

Don’t eat carbs. Lift weights. Run ten miles. Never skip a workout; take supplements; drink water; post Instagram-worthy abs ... sound familiar?

These are some of the guidelines many believe to be the only way to lose weight, remain healthy and be happy.

These are some of the ways many believe measure their success during their fitness and wellness journey.


There is no ONE way, no RIGHT way, only the best way for YOU. Step away from Instagram, from social media, from health blogs promoting their way, from people who push their own philosophy on you. Step back and have a talk with yourself.

What brings you joy? What exercise do you enjoy? What sport, what eating style works for your lifestyle?

It may take some time, some trial and error before you find what works for you — and that’s fine.

Once you find what works for you, go for it! If you’re an avid runner, go for your run. Eat your sweet potato, drink your water, find the balance that works for you. Be unapologetic about it!

If you are a “gym rat”, make a schedule, throw some weight around, commit to that lifestyle. If you’re happy with your progress, continue eating your five meals a day. Be unapologetic about it!

Love to swim? Go for it — you get the gist! Be unapologetic about it!

Again, as said above, there is no ONE way to be fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

What I WILL say is that in everything that you do, be honest with your efforts. Eat according to YOUR goals and be true to yourself and your journey. Be unapologetic about it!

Remove yourself from the aesthetic goals for a second, and focus on optimum health. Acknowledge fitness is an outfit that looks different on everyone.

Whoa — as I typed that I was like — yeah, that’s lyrics right there! It’s so true though; fitness and wellness look different on everyone. We must realise that and accept that our way may not be the best way for someone else.

To achieve overall fitness, ignoring aesthetics, remember that adding some variety to your schedule is never a bad thing. Resistance training is never a bad idea, beach workouts are never a bad idea — all will help with functional strength.

Visiting the stadium and attacking the stairs; doing interval runs and hill sprints will all help your endurance. Playing beach volleyball, joining a karate or rugby club can add spice to your life.

Again, I say, there is no one way to remain active, be fit and live a balanced life. There is no one way to eat healthy. Find what works for you, be unapologetic about it and, most of all, be true to yourself, your goals, your balanced lifestyle.

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