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"You don't have to give up everything"

2015 I knew I needed to lose weight...

It’s always great to hear from a fitness enthusiast, professional or someone who seems to have it all together.

However, I find it more helpful to hear how a “normal” person is progressing with their wellness journey. I’m positive it’s better at helping people get motivated and inspired so they remain positive and press towards their goals.

I usually highlight one of my clients, sharing their story among the group and on social media.

The end result is amazing: each client, each answered question, each honest statement helps motivate others, snaps people back to reality and simply helps others realise that they are not alone on their journey.

Everyone has struggles, everyone has triumphs. It is a journey after all.

This week, I’ve highlighted Treavina Davis, a mother-of-two who works at Colonial Insurance. I hope you find some motivation in our interview and continue to make progress in your own fitness and wellness journey.

When did you first start working out and why?

I started in April 2015 because I knew I needed to lose weight. I didn’t like what I saw when I looked in the mirror and knew it was time to do something about it rather than sit and sulk.

What is your favourite exercise/workout?

My favourite exercise is actually hill sprints and the sled. I was never a runner, but now that I can accomplish eight hill sprints in ten minutes, I enjoy them more and am happy with this huge accomplishment.

What is your least favourite exercise and how do you encourage yourself to complete it?

I absolutely hate burpees. I just talk to myself the entire time to get through the reps and sets — I don’t think anyone likes burpees.

What is your current fitness/health goal?

I work out because I love it.

My initial aim was to lose 20lb and learn how to work out without “needing” a trainer or company. In the last year, this was my true success. I became more committed and reminded myself daily about my goals. I have now lost 38lb and my aim is to lose 12 more. I can easily work out alone, not needing the company to stay motivated. My non-scale goal (because I’ve also learnt it isn’t solely about what the scale says) was to be able to run without stopping and to squat safely with weight — both of which I have conquered and will continue to improve on.

Why do you work out? What is your motivation since reaching your initial goal?

I work out now because I love it, it makes me feel good and relieves stress. Going forward, I continue to set new goals to accomplish — that in itself keeps me motivated and never stagnant.

What is your favourite go-to meal?

My favourite go-to healthy meal is grilled shrimps with an avocado salad.

What is your favourite treat?

My favourite “unhealthy” meal is a well-done burger.

What is one thing you shouldn’t say to someone on a fitness journey and what is something someone has said to you and how did you work through it?

People kept telling me, “Don’t get too skinny, you’ll look sick”. I just looked at how far I had come and let it roll off my back. Truthfully, it was weird because when I was overweight people would comment — apparently, people will talk regardless. So I definitely let it roll off of my back and kept pressing on. I remembered where I came from and what my goal was.

If you could say one thing to motivate someone who may be struggling with their journey, what would it be?

Never look for short-term fixes. You have to make it a complete life change, but you have to know that you don’t have to give up everything in order to be healthy.

You will have bad days. Just pick up where you left off and keep pushing. Also, it’s best to remember that not everyone will congratulate you on your success. That is irrelevant; continue to do it for yourself, to get healthier and better for yourself and pat yourself on your own back. Don’t look to others for that.

Thanks Trev for your words of encouragement. I do hope those reading this received motivation and inspiration from her interview. Remember that it isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being better than you were yesterday. Enjoy the journey, be consistent and patient and the rest will follow. Tune in next time when we highlight another awesome client, working hard towards their goals.

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