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Writing the next chapter

I feel blessed and honoured to write you your last health and wellness article of 2020. What a year this has been, right? And whilst I've written of all the success I've managed to have (especially fitness related) it was done so simply to encourage you to try to push on through even in these questionable times. If you can end this year celebrating your success, please do so without feeling the need to dull your light. If you can simply say that you survived, do so without feeling the need to compare to someone else's story. If you can just sit back and say that your success was simply staying employed and illness free – then what a year you've had indeed! 2020 was a year like no other that many of us in our entire existence have ever experienced before. A pandemic. A year filled with so many questions and little answers. A year where success was measured differently. How do you measure your success? As stated above, every one of us had different levels, different definitions of success in 2020. Once you sit down and decide how you measure your success you can look back on this year and marvel on what YOU were able to accomplish without feeling like a failure in comparing your story to another's. Every article I harp on the point of honouring yourself and being unapologetic about how you live your health and wellness journey. This goes the same for your life in general. We are all writing our own novels, non duplicated, authentic versions of a book that we are author to. Our novels are not a cookie cut version of something else, but rather a unique, exhilarating, page turning adventure that we should take pride in, with it's ups and downs, successes and lessons, laughter and tears. Once we realise this and respect this, we will begin to appreciate the individuality of our stories, looking back (on 2020 even), with pride and a smile. So whilst for some it was filled with success, some loss, some a feeling of unquestionable stillness it was just another page in our novel. Accept that, get ready to write the next chapter by looking 2021 in the face, fierce and ready to put pen to paper. No plan? That's OK too. Take a breath, smile and simply be. This is your journey, remain unapologetic as we enter 2021. I am excited for what's in store? Are you?"


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