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Navigating the Holiday Hullabaloo: A Bermudaful Guide to Staying Fit

Hey fitfam. 'Tis the season to be jolly, but that doesn't mean we have to let our fitness goals take a sleigh ride out of the window.

As Christmas approached you may be wondering how you too can keep that waistline in check amid the yuletide revelry.

The Bermuda Triangle of Calories

Let's face it, the holiday season is a bit like the mysterious Bermuda Triangle – you start with good intentions, and suddenly, poof! Your fitness plans vanish into thin air. Lucky for you though, not only are you reading this article, but you’ll finish with my unique fitness guide as you navigate th treacherous waters of Christmas calories.

Festive Feasting without the Flab

Bermuda is known for its stunning beaches, and I'm not about to let my clients trade in their bikinis or trunks for Santa suits. So, how do we navigate the buffet of holiday treats without sinking our fitness ship?

1. Santa's Bootcamp: Bring the Outdoors In Who says workouts have to be boring? Take

advantage of Bermuda's beautiful weather by moving your workout outdoors.

Yes, this past week has been a bit nippy, so of course bring the outdoors, in. Transform your

living room into Santa's Bootcamp with some creative exercises. Reindeer lunges, snowflake

jumps, and sleigh-pulling squats will keep you laughing and sweating, especially if you get

the entire family involved.

2. The 12 Days of Fitmas: Forget the partridges and pear trees; let's focus on squats and

protein-packed snacks. Create your own version of the 12 Days of Christmas workout

routine. A set of lunges, followed by push-ups and plank jacks – the perfect solution to too

many pieces of apple crack (If you know, you know – Island Shack perfection).

Slay Bells Ring: The Gift of Active Giving

'Tis the season of giving, and nothing says "I care" like the gift of health. Instead of the usual holiday trinkets, consider fitness-related presents for your loved ones. Gift certificates to HIndssight (yes, we have these), resistance bands, yoga mats, or a Magic Bullet with smoothie ingredients are perfect options and they don’t add to the waistline.

Jingle All the Weigh: Surviving Office Parties

Ah, the office holiday party – a minefield of cakes, champagne and chocolate. How does one stay fit when surrounded by tempting treats and bubbly? Here are some survival tips:

1. BYO-Healthy: Bring Your Own Dish

Be the potluck hero by bringing a healthy dish to share. It ensures you have at least one guilt-free option amidst the sea of calorie-laden delights.

Note, I did not say avoid enjoying the other scrumptious options, but at least you had a little healthy food item on your plate.

2. Dance Like Nobody's Watching Instead of hovering around the snack table, hit the dance

floor. Not only is dancing a great workout, but it's also an excellent way to burn off those extra holiday calories, and it is bond to keep a smile on your face, adding to the memories of the party.

Sleigh Your Fitness Goals

As we navigate the holiday season in Bermuda or wherever you may find yourself, remember that staying fit is not about deprivation but about making mindful choices. So, let's jingle all the way to a healthier and happier you. After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you've sleighed your fitness goals, even in the midst of Christmas chaos.

Wishing you a Bermudaful and fit holiday season! Remain unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey, stay true to yourself and always be honest with your efforts.

Happy holidays fitfam!


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