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Nobody wakes up motivated to exercise every single day

Depend on dedication not motivation – the all too true phrase you will hear repeatedly throughout your fitness journey.

An important practice, it will surely keep you going on days when you “just don’t feel like it”.

But what can you do to help you feel motivated instead of willing yourself through a session?

Here are a few tips that work for me, boosting my ego and driving me to workout, eat healthy and remain in happy spirits:

1. Write down my goals so that I can revisit them when necessary

I like to read them every night before bed and first thing in the morning. It helps keep them fresh in my mind so on those times that I feel like skipping a workout or making an unhealthy food choice I am easily reminded of why I started.

2. Set out my workout clothes the night before

I have a favourite sports bra (I had to buy like, six of them) and an absolutely favourite style of biker shorts (sadly, only have three pairs). I know when I wear this pair I feel absolutely amazing, strong, confident and ready to tackle any workout. When I feel my best I am likely to perform my best.

3. Wake up early

I always wake 30 to 45 minutes earlier than scheduled (especially if my intention is to complete a 5am or 6am workout). Waking up early allows me time to – wake up! Lol. It gives my body time to acclimate, to not feel rushed, to remain at ease as I prepare for my early session. I know the twins wake up around 7.30am nowadays, so I have to be done and ready to handle their antics. Feeling rushed during a session is no motivation at all if I choose to sleep in. Time management is important.

4. Wear bright red lipstick

When feeling less motivated and depending on dedication only to push me through, a simple application of red lipstick gives me a sort of superpower. I am a woman – strong and capable. It is a reminder of just how bad I really am, to be able to look stunning (even through the grimace faces) and complete an amazing workout. Sometimes I even do my eyebrows and wear eyeliner (more reason to wake up earlier lol).

5. Always wear mix-matched socks

This might seem silly to some, but if my socks actually match my day just feels weird. They’ve been mixed for years now so it’s just something that has to remain the same.

6. Finally, after all of the above is done it’s most important to listen to the right music. In my years of track and field, my coach taught me not to depend on music and we were banned from earphones during training. Mentally, I know I can train now without it however, as I’ve evolved in my own personal journey of fitness and wellness, the right music playing in the background helps to motivate me more to crush my goals, one rep at a time. R & B is my first choice, believe it or not.

7. Complete an exercise that I thoroughly enjoy and can do with ease

Right now, sprinting and upper body exercises make me feel good about my journey. I ensure that on days of feeling blah, I finish with a few sprints (maybe as few as five) and dumbbell work (shoulder press, bent over rows, even push-ups). I will always love running so that’s that, and for pure vanity reasons I enjoy shoulder and back work.

There you have it! Ways that I push beyond the blah feeling and add some spice into my routine all the while ensuring that every day isn’t a blah day but in fact an enjoyable one.

The truth is, we don’t wake up everyday feeling motivated to workout. Motivation in itself is a fleeting emotion. This is why we push to remain disciplined and dedicated to the promises we made ourselves and our journey.

However, should you want to push past the blah feeling, have a seat and figure out what steps you can take that will assist you on those less motivated days.

Happy Wednesday fitfam! As usual, remain unapologetic about your fitness and wellness journey (as you wear your red lipstick) and be honest with all of your efforts. Remain true to yourself and remember just how strong and capable you are of achieving your goals.


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