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Make time for yourself; no matter how much

It’s so important to make time for your fitness, for your movement, for you.

Many people assume that working out (even if from home) means allocating an hour or more for movement and that it is impossible with the schedule they keep.

You know what happens in the end?Nothing. They can’t find the hour and in the end don’t work out at all.

This topic was reignited by a conversation I had with a client who wished she had the time and energy to work out every day (other than personal training) or close to it.

Just like many she had a busy schedule and lacked the energy and motivation to carve out that hour. Feeling defeated, she fell into a slump.

Did you know that 20 minutes is better than no minutes at all? I challenged her to wake up just 25 minutes earlier, shake the sleep out of her body, wash her face and prepare for a 20-minute burnout in the morning. Just 20 minutes.

I then suggested that once she was able to establish that routine of getting in daily workouts without it feeling like a huge task, that she add another five minutes. As discipline is improved and dedication strengthened, motivation will have no bearing on if she completes a workout.

All of this to say, make time for yourself.

As stated on numerous occasions, motivation is such a fleeting emotion you should not depend on it.

Yes, it feels amazing when you are motivated to work out, motivated to eat right, motivated to be healthier but it isn’t always there. Instead, work on being disciplined; dedicated to being healthier.

Once you recognise this difference and improve on these instead you will notice that waking up 25 minutes earlier is “easier” and maybe even add on ten extra minutes next time.

Dedication to more movement, discipline to your health looks different for you than it does for someone else. Do not be discouraged if you cannot work out for an hour. Instead, be pleased and happy with your 20 minutes of movement and daily healthy eating knowing that it works for you. If it gets you closer to your goals then you are in fact winning!

Remember to be honest with your efforts, true to your journey and be unapologetic about how you choose to live it.

Happy humpday fitfam!


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