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Look good, feel good

Your favourite gym clothes can help with motivation. Amazon had Prime Day, right? So, I bought myself a workout all-in-one – you know, catsuit style – and let me tell you, I felt like a warrior throughout every aspect of my workout on Sunday.

I felt beautifully strong and ready to tackle every lift, every push, every effort. It was empowering. I was motivated the entire time.

Now, I know I’ve said it time and time again that motivation is a fleeting emotion and we shouldn’t depend on it however what would it mean to you if you could boost your motivation with just one action? What would it mean to you if you could change your mood with just one decision?

That’s where this catsuit comes into play. While the right workout routine and a healthy diet are essential, the often overlooked factor in boosting motivation is what you wear to the gym.

Believe it or not, your choice of gym attire can significantly impact your mindset and performance. There is a psychology behind dressing in your favourite gym clothes and the positive impact that has on motivation.

Let’s explore

“Look good, feel good.” Though this term is a cliché, it has so much truth to it. When you dress in clothes that make you feel good, that make you feel confident, warrior-like and comfortable, you are more likely to maintain positivity throughout your workout, tackling and pushing through fatigue with a don’t give up, feel good mentality. The look good, feel good concept – it’s solid!

The perfect gym outfit

Now, whilst aesthetically we all want to look and feel good it’s important to note that wearing a gym attire that is functional for the workout ahead is very important as well. It’s important that you remain confident and comfortable throughout your exercise.

Going for a run? Try moisture-wicking, breathable tights … with a side pocket. Right? Where else will your phone go comfortably? Gents, not to worry, there are tights for you to wear as well under your running shorts.

Doing this functionality test of your attire will allow you to focus on the task at hand: don’t use it if you can see through your tights when you squat or if your sweat is pausing your music while you run. It brings about focus.

Creating a ritual

Dressing in your favourite gym clothes can become a pre-workout ritual. Whatttt? What you mean Dre?

Well, establishing a routine before exercising signals to your brain that it's time to transition into workout mode. Can you say, “Beast mode activate!”?

Over time, picking out your gym attire will send a mental cue and get you prepared for the workout challenge that lies ahead.

It will serve as motivation when you just don’t feel like it – just by putting on your favourite tank top which showcases those shoulders you’ve been sculpting, or putting on that favourite pair of tights that make your waistline feel lean, lean, lean!

Expressing your identity

You know I’m all about remaining unapologetic and authentic to self. My gym clothes are an extension of my personality – bare.

Yes, I wear my entire heart and soul on my sleeve. So it’s not a surprise that I’m always in just sports bra and tights. Whilst it isn’t a direct correlation, you too can express yourself through the clothes that you wear.

As I write this, I also recognise how loud and bubbly I am, and what clothes best express that.

So yeah, I’m on a hunt for bright neons shortly which, of course, I know I’ll feel comfortable in as long as I don’t sweat too much (nobody really likes sweat showing through their clothes).

Expressing your personality goes beyond bold colours. It can be as simple as motivational quotes on tanks, wearing your favourite brand … but, whatever you decide, it should boost your confidence.

When you look in the mirror, when you take that gym selfie (we all take them) and see yourself in attire that reflects your style, you're more likely to feel a sense of pride and motivation to push yourself harder.

Investing in quality

Here’s a big one. Quality gym attire. It’s rather simple really. Make sure your attire can survive your workout style. Being confident in the quality and durability of your attire will give you the confidence to tackle the workout ahead without the negative thought that your bra won’t hold or that your pants won’t stay up.

Staying consistent

You cannot be successful at anything if you aren’t consistent. It is key in any fitness journey. When you consistently dress in your favourite gym clothes, you create a positive association with exercise.

Over time, this association can become a powerful motivator, making it easier to stick to your fitness routine even on days when that fleeting emotion – motivation – is low.

So, although dressing in your favourite gym clothes is more than a fashion statement, who doesn’t like to look good? It is a powerful tool for enhancing your motivation and improving performance.

By understanding the psychology behind your choice of workout attire, you can harness its positive effects to elevate your fitness journey.

So, next time you hit the gym, next time you hit the trails, put on those favourite leggings, that favourite tank top, or those sneakers that make you feel unstoppable. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Happy Wednesday fitfam. As usual, remain unapologetic about your entire fitness and wellness journey, true to yourself and honest with your efforts. Look good, feel good!


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