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Home run: get your mind right and your body will follow

Hi guys! I trust that you all have been coping well as we approach ten weeks (more for some) of social-distancing at home.

It’s been very interesting, draining, exciting — all the emotions, LOL — but I am actually thankful. Since sheltering in place I’ve had time to practise more self-care (to stretch, improve mobility, mindful eating, consistently workout, family time etc). Have you found more time for yourself?

In working out more consistently, I’ve noticed some pretty significant changes to my body — an improvement in my strength, endurance, overall fitness. Yes! Baby Phat journey continues, right?

At the beginning of all this, I was frequently asked whether working out at home was effective; whether it would help people reach their fitness goals.

Surprisingly, many people who are hooked on the gym have found the transition to training at home quite difficult.

It’s true, building bulk muscle will be harder doing bodyweight exercise or using small items around the house than squatting 300lbs or doing dead lifts or bench presses. So if your fitness goal is to build muscle (or bulk up) yes, it will be harder.

You may have to make a change. Instead of packing on muscle, consider leaning out (building lean muscle).

Can you reach your fitness goals while at home? If your fitness goal is to improve your cardiovascular system, yes. Road running, high-intensity interval training and cycling are activities that will get you there.

If your fitness goal is to lose weight while at home be mindful of your eating. Close the fridge door and drink water — you just ate, boo.

The fact of the matter is that remaining active while at home will prepare you for when the gyms do open again. Continue to move, eat healthy and throw away the notion that at-home workouts are ineffective.

I have seen my body drop significant weight and inches by following the suggestions mentioned above.

You may be thinking: “Yeah, but you’re a trainer.” True, but I’m a trainer who just had twins and is on a journey of rediscovery. Sacrifices were made, sessions were completed and the results speak for themselves.

Assuming we have another three weeks of being out of the gym, why not challenge yourself? Change your mindset, set a goal for the next 21 days.

Move more, log on to Zoom workout classes or try your favourite trainer session on Instagram. Go for a walk, but walk with purpose, maybe run if your body allows. Take a look in your fridge and consider what healthier options you can make on a daily basis.

Yes, being at home is a new norm that we’ve been forced into. Yes, it took some getting used to. Yes, it can be draining but ... it doesn’t mean we can’t reach our fitness goals while at home.

Your mindset is what will get you there, your body will follow. Once you are honest with your efforts (I remind you of this all the time), move with purpose and eat according to your goals — you can be successful no matter the environment.

Let’s continue to be our best, day in and day out! 21 days — let’s go!

See my latest video of a simple home workout to complete. Set the timer - and go!


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