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Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Nothing truly great ever came from a comfort zone. I have been trying to push myself, to expand my fitness activities whilst remembering to pay close attention to all aspects of my fitness and wellness journey – nutrition, mental health, cardio fitness, strength training and flexibility. Nutrition: got it down. Mental health: I take breaks when necessary. Cardio fitness: I’m improving. Strength training: go hard or go home. Flexibility: there lies the challenge..... To be perfectly honest, I stretch but rarely challenge my muscles in this aspect. I know my mobility is affected and certain lifts can be better if I spend time improving my flexibility. Whilst it’s great acknowledging which aspects need improving, it means nothing if you don’t create a plan to actually improve. That being said, I’ve signed myself up to do flexibility work with a trainer so that I too can be accountable to someone else who will challenge my muscles, improving my flexibility. This is important because, even as a trainer, I know how uncomfortable it can be to challenge myself. For me, flexibility is a challenge and it will serve me well to have the appropriate plan and trainer to assist me. Let’s be honest, being uncomfortable is not a space we are so willing to be in. I know this, you know this. But we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. All of this being said, take a step back and assess your entire fitness and wellness journey. Be honest with which aspects you wish to improve on and create a plan – a goal without a plan is just a wish. Are you simply wishing or are you planning so that you can reach your goal? Do you need to improve on your nutrition? Talk to a nutritionist. Mental health on a low? Book an appointment with a psychologist or simply schedule some mental breaks (brunch with friends, afternoon picnic at a park, quiet afternoon with your favourite book – anything to put your mind at peace). Want to improve your cardio fitness? Plan out weekly runs, rides, walks or even HIIT sessions which you know will challenge you. Want to be stronger? Don’t be afraid to lift heavier. Struggling to touch your toes? Join a yoga class perhaps, or book a private session with an instructor so you can focus on your weak points. There is a way to improve but you have to take the necessary steps and commit to the uncomfortable feeling of change. Taking those necessary steps to improvement may not be the most comfortable feeling but in a few short weeks you can look back with pride knowing where you were and how far you’ve come. That in itself will push you forward, fuelling you to get uncomfortable again and improve some more. The truth is every time you push yourself outside your comfort zone, even in the smallest of ways, your comfort zone expands and your self-confidence grows. Growth – who doesn’t want that, right? Happy Wednesday fitfam. This week I challenge you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and embrace what could be a more improved, fitter, happier you. Be honest with your efforts and remain unapologetic about how you choose to live your fitness and wellness journey.


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