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By any means necessary

You’ve heard the saying: by any means necessary. Especially in the fitness and wellness industry, we often say or think: I don’t have time. I’m tired. Today isn’t looking good. We all try to make up excuses. Making excuses isn’t unique to only you, nor is it unique to feel that way. We all have time, energy and money for what we truly want and if working out consistently and eating a healthy diet is truly your goal you’ll find a way. Lately, I’ve looked at my life, my new schedule with busy, bubbly, running chocolate babies – toddlers I mean – and had to put myself in check. In all honesty, two of my friends put me in check as for almost two weeks I began to put the twins first and my workouts and healthy eating last. Wrong! For well over a year I’ve found a balance, so why now am I making excuses? Most likely, the little voice in my head telling me to settle was trying to win. Never settle! So how did I work around their energy, their schedule without settling? I started what I’ve dubbed “nap time workouts”. The twins consistently nap around 11.30am every day for about two hours. Yay right? During this time, I pull out my mat, grab a resistance band and get my “naptime workout” on – no distractions, R & B playing softly in the background, focusing on mindful movements, completing anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes of working out. Winning!

Shower, dress, kitchen for lunch prep, sit down to watch a little TV before the talking from the nursery begins. My cue, the twins are awake. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of settling, convincing yourself that you don’t have time to commit to working out or meal prepping. It’s so easy to settle. But settling doesn’t get you anywhere near reaching your goals; rather it stresses you further because you are so far away from said goals. True? Well, act now, sit down, be brutally honest with yourself, your current efforts and make the necessary changes. In the beginning, “Naptime workouts” were only 25 minutes as I really thought I needed more time to shower, plate the lunches and relax. Sometimes, I do go back to just a 25 minute burn, everyday is different. But, what each day has in common with each other is that I always follow through with what I said I was going to do – regardless of if my mood has since changed. Failing to complete a “naptime workout” means doing it while the chocolate babies are awake. Most recently, at the playground as they do their thing. By any means necessary. Stay committed to bettering yourself – EVERY DAY. Never settle. Happy Wednesday fitfam! Continue to be honest with your efforts and true to yourself, remaining unapologetic about how you choose to live your fitness and wellness journey.

It’s 12 o'clock now! I’m gone to begin my “Naptime workout”. Until next time …


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