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Consider getting a swolemate to see further improvements

Growing up, I used to run track, fell in love with it, received a scholarship, ran in university, graduated and then came back to Bermuda.  

During those many years of training and competing I was taught that this is not a team sport. Training was sometimes solo. Races were won or lost because of my personal execution. At the end of the day, it was all up to me. Whilst this was a great mentality to have and taught me so much, when considering this new lifestyle of health and fitness in a non-competitive state, I started to see the flaw in maintaining this “train alone”, “succeed alone” mentality. I started to realise that a training partner would propel me forward, improve my strength and speed and, most importantly, keep me accountable in the kitchen. Do you have a training partner? If you don’t, have you considered it? Sure, there are times that both my swolemate and I want to train alone, and that’s fine. There are no rules and regulations to swolemates. Nor do you have to have a sole commitment to one partner. Surround yourself with people of a like mind, a strong spirit and an aura that will have everyone within the circle wanting to perform better, eat better, be better! They say motivation does not last nor is it present every day. This is true and as I remind my clients, motivation may get you started, but discipline is what will keep you going. Using this same analogy, your swolemate can hold you accountable and remind you when you seem to forget and vice versa. You see, this journey is not meant to be experienced alone. There is no joy in reaching fitness or health goals and having no one to celebrate with. Why not have a swolemate who can journey with you — ups and downs, lessons and blessings? I think the best thing, though, is the relationship that will foster. You will learn each other’s strengths, weaknesses, highs and lows, creating a relationship that is untouchable. Such positivity in this journey will spread in all aspects of your life and, as I remind my clients again, fitness and wellness is not just about aesthetics, it’s about living an abundantly full life, with all aspects exuding positivity and balance. That being said, pick your swolemate carefully. Back to the track and field mentality. Whilst I’ve accepted that a swolemate or training partner is an asset, it taught me the grave importance of personal accountability. You cannot expect your partner to carry you to the gym; encourage you, yes, but not carry you, nor can you expect them to spoon-feed you quinoa. There is a balance, of course. Just as they would do their part in remaining consistent, accountable, reliable, honest in feedback, so should you. That way, your relationship is balanced and everyone is benefiting from the bond created. So why a swolemate? It’s simple. Accountability! We are human, after all, and days will come when we just don’t feel like it — in the gym, kitchen or with life in general. Get yourself a swolemate that will encourage you to push through those days and remember that you are to do the same on their off days. This healthy relationship will have you both reaching fitness and wellness goals, especially when the brutal honesty takes place. Don’t be afraid to surround yourself with positivity and vibes that will propel your life forward. There is no harm in progressing. Yes, as I always say, this is your journey. Live it unapologetically. If, however, you find yourself giving in to temptations, skipping workouts more often than normal or lacking the discipline to push through, consider a swolemate, someone who will positively influence this lifestyle of yours. If it isn’t for you on a daily basis, find a schedule that works, but don’t shy away from having that accountability partner in your life in some way for some time. Get you a swolemate! (Not mine though, LOL) 

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