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Plateau, what?

Sometimes our fitness journey isn’t going as planned, sometimes the weight won’t drop, the inches won’t decrease (or increase – because LEG GAINS!), sometimes your body has had enough…sometimes life…just…sucks. Does it really though? The dreaded plateau is not the end all be all. In fact, if we sit down, reassess our goals, form a new strategy, and remain honest with ourselves, we will find a way over that plateau. It may take a day, it may take a month but you will definitely find a solution.

What are some reasons behind the dreaded plateau?

Rest is not for the lazy!

During this journey we feel compelled to go beast mode, 7 days a week, twice a day sometimes. This ridiculous routine with no rest day in site is in itself presenting a hurdle. Our bodies do in fact become tired. No one wants to take a rest day, feeling like they are punking out, but no one wants to be presented with the plateau hurdle either. Though this is a specific example of hurdles placed in our lives it is a very common one. Rest days are not for the weak, nor the lazy. Rest days are there to prevent injury, plateaus, allow muscle growth and repair and simply put – ALLOW YOUR BODY TO REST! Not doing so will again, cause a plateau in your goals and have you thinking you have a hurdle in place. In actuality you need to sit down and assess, be honest and take that rest day.

Still eating like that?

Eating plans alter – yes they do. During this journey we may also feel compelled to stick to a specific eating regime (by the books) and expect results to happen 365 days of the year. Our bodies change…just because it worked for the last 8 weeks doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another 8 weeks. Just as you develop muscle memory and workouts need to change (next paragraph) your meals need to change. If you are experiencing a plateau in your journey, assess your eating and see how you can alter it.

No variety in the gym?

Are you performing the same workout routine, day after day? Though the simple solution may seem as common sense to some, it is important to add variety. Target the same muscles in different ways. Want to target your glutes? Squats are not the only way. Add lunges, glute hip thrusts or believe it or not, sprints. Have you seen a sprinters butt? It’s important to add variety to your workouts to demand further change from your body. Do not be afraid to perform your exercises differently. Welcome the baby giraffe walk back into your life.

Respect the plateau!

Odd right? Why should I welcome the plateau? Really and truly, though frustrating, the plateau is a sign of good things. You’ve been successful at weight loss, leg gains, variety and the like for weeks now. Congratulations! When the plateau arrives it means you are ready to enter a new phase in your journey. It sucks, yes, but it is a good indication that you are getting better. The same workouts don’t work for you now – you are more of a beast and require more – therefore, you need to take the rest days, you need to eat differently. The plateau should be welcomed so that you are continuously evolving, continuously changing how you walk this journey. Oh look, plateau happening. Sit down, look back at your progress, pat yourself on the back and create a strategy for your next phase.

Remain committed, honest with your efforts, recognize that this journey is not linear and always, always, respect the journey!

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