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“If you saw your body on someone else you’d think they were amazing, but because it’s your body you see only flaws and hate it.”

Today isn’t so much about teaching you anything, nor outlining a six-step programme like a normal fitness column. Today is about self-empowerment.

Shout out to all of you amazing individuals, male and female, on a journey of self-improvement in any aspect.

Special shout out to any of you who are struggling with the journey, struggling with loving yourself. I see you — now STOP!

Take a step back, look in the mirror and smile. Smile because you are strong. Smile because you are capable. Smile because you are making the necessary moves to assist you on this journey. Smile because you are alive and well.

There is no need to question your progress — it is progress after all. No need to hate your body or mentally drain yourself because you are trying to be perfect. If you’re aiming for perfection you will be on a never-ending journey. They say we should always strive for the best, never settling for second best.

Truth, right? Why would we not want the best for ourselves? However, nowhere does it say to scrutinise, spewing hateful words at yourself in the mirror, pointing out flaws that will continuously have you question your journey. Nowhere does it say to hate yourself in the process to “greatness”.

Bashing yourself does nothing for your journey.



Nothing positive in the long term will come out of body shaming yourself. It will not make you stronger, leaner, better. The only thing that will help you in the long run is self-care, self-love and self-respect. These aspects of self-empowerment will motivate you for the right reasons.

In fact, if we sit back and acknowledge the progress we have made, if we sit back and accept that our bodies are not a cookie cut of something else but rather a unique, never-to-be-replicated body then, finally, we will begin to appreciate the individuality of our beautiful vessels.

So today, on this Wednesday, I challenge you to reflect on your journey.

If you’re struggling to love yourself during your journey work on changing your thoughts — daily.

Daily affirmations go a long way. Imagine your body on someone else and the positivity you’d be throwing their way.

Now acknowledge that you too deserve positivity. Trust the journey, enjoy it and allow the love for self to transform you!

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