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Working on your weaknesses will make you stronger

Acknowledging where you are weakest is a strength in itself. During this journey, it can become so easy to focus on your strengths, using that solely as a measure of success. You’re strong? Why not lift more then? It feels good to do what comes naturally right? I know. It’s human nature to remain comfortable and feel good only highlighting your strengths. I know that I’m strong, can easily lift weight, sprint up and down and complete a killer set of core work. I also know that it’s comfortable doing what comes easiest to me. True change though, comes when you recognise where you are weakest and make the conscious decision to work on that; challenging yourself to improve on your weaknesses, becoming uncomfortable with the challenge and accepting that weaknesses do not make you less than. That being said, I know flexibility and mobility are my weakest points. If you expect a specific level of change and improvement in your fitness, instead of focusing solely on your strengths and remaining in your comfort zone, take a look at your weaknesses. Decide to work on them. Every day make the conscious decision to do something uncomfortable, remind yourself that being human involves both strengths and weaknesses. Even if only for ten minutes a day, pick something you know needs improving and work on it. You see, success comes from making small daily improvements; chipping away at your goals little by little. Success comes from consistently working towards your goal, being honest with your efforts, accepting the discomfort of change and acknowledging your non-linear path to greatness. My challenge to you this week is to write down your strengths and weaknesses of your fitness and wellness journey. Plot how small, daily choices can build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. If you consistently do this and actually complete these tasks, I promise you, your goals will be met!


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