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If you’re serious about your goal, be prepared to work for it

So often we talk about how much we want to reach our goals. We discuss how bad we want it, how it would make us feel; how much it would mean. But … we often forget to discuss how hard we’re actually willing to work. It’s great to discuss goals, make plans and recognise that we are not where we want to be however we have to recognise the work that is necessary. Don’t get me wrong. Writing down a plan is an important step because a goal without a plan is just a wish. Do we really know how much effort, sacrifice and commitment is required to reach those goals though? Go with me for a minute. Is your goal to run a faster 5k? Have you plotted down your running days, running drills, flexibility and speed work? Great. Now are you prepared to wake up two hours earlier than your household to actually complete your run? And then follow it up with stretching and mobility work? Are you prepared to push through fatigue, build a stronger mindset and continue running? These are important things to consider and accept when making a plan and mentally preparing yourself to execute it. Another example. Is your goal to shred 10lbs of fat whilst building lean, strong muscle? Have you plotted your lifting days, high intensity interval training, sprint intervals and flexibility and mobility sessions? Great! Now are you actually prepared to consume healthier meals and less calories per week, eliminating your intake of ice cream, nachos, pizzas, alcohol and the like? It’s important to recognise that such foods produce excess fat and do not promote muscle growth. Are you prepared to lift to the point of muscle fatigue, yet still push out another set, soreness in the morning yet still work out again? It’s so amazing to hear the plans of improved fitness, weight loss, weight gain and the like. It’s simply amazing to see plans being put down on paper. I’m just simply asking that you take a step back and assess the work required to execute your plan, commit to your journey and achieve your goals. Once you recognise this, accept the level of commitment required and make up your mind that you are going to do this no matter what – you will be successful. It’s not about how bad you want it but rather how hard you’re willing to work for it. When you feel like quitting (because we all have those thoughts), remind yourself why you started and keep going! Happy Wednesday fitfam – have a great day. Practice patience, commit to your workouts and healthier eating, be honest with your efforts and you will reach your goals.


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